On this page I posted some real feedback from few of my regular clients.

Female client, 28 years old, Caucasian, born in Toronto
I’ve seen Dmitri for two years now and after seeing various RMTs for many years, I can hands down say he’s by far the BEST. His thorough, caring, and knowledgeable approach to each session ensures they are always productive in every way I want at that point in time. He’s helped tremendously with chronic ailments, tension and pain through his massage; digestion and stress through his reflexology; and a significant reduction in cellulite, incredible firming of skin, and increasing circulation through his cellulite vacuuming technique. The best part is these three treatments can be combined into one session in any way I’d like on a given day. Whether I see him for 60, 90 or 120 minutes – bi-weekly, monthly, or even after several months when I’ve been out of the country – he’s able to work wonders and maintain strong results. Dmitri is careful to make sure I’m entirely comfortable at all times during and after the treatment. My mind and body are both incredibly grateful to have such a tremendous massage professional in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to try him – you will not be disappointed.

Female client, 49 years old, of East-European background
My experience with Dmitri started in my pursuit of a solution to cellulite that was becoming noticeable on by my thighs and hips. I've never had a weight issue, so I chalked up the changes in my body to aging (49) and a somewhat sedentary lifestyle. During my initial conversations with Dmitri, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and caring at the same time. I had many questions which he patiently and thoroughly answered, giving me the comfort to start my treatments with him. Now, it's been about 3 months of weekly treatments and the results are surprisingly all encompassing....not only have Dmitri's treatments taken care of my initial cosmetic concerns, but since the treatment is a deep tissue massage along with other techniques, it has made me feel generally more energetic, less stressed, achieved better tone and quality to my skin on the treated areas...simply an overall healthful 'systemic' benefit. I also appreciate Dmitri's genuine concern for how I'm feeling. He will address any aches or pains elsewhere in my body and be flexible to incorporate a healing treatment when needed. He will 'customize' my appointment time and by doing this he has eradicated a pain that I had been experiencing in my upper shoulder/neck for years. My appointments can be silent times for relaxation or, at other times, conversations that are spiritually guiding, psychologically or physiologically enlightening and others just plain enjoyable! Thank you Dmitri and I look forward to future treatments. I wholeheartedly recommend Dmitri's massage techniques as one part in a healthy lifestyle plan.

I am a 59 year old Caucasian woman of Eastern European descent
I have now completed my third anti cellulite treatment with Dmitri and I can actually see some improvement in my thighs. There is a level of discomfort in the first two treatments, but, I found by the third treatment I was not in any real discomfort. Seeing some improvement this quickly has made me feel very positive about these treatments.

Female client, 39 years old, she was born in Canada, of Greek background. She had 10 Cellulite treatments, she was coming weekly
Although I myself was skeptical on whether this works or not, my opinion...''it does work'' Not only have the dimples dissappeared, but my skin is smooth, soft and alot firmer. Dmitri is very honest, and addresses the problem with you in detail, he never forces you to keep coming back, as other massueses do. Absolutely amazed with my results, and am greatfull to Dmitri.Initially I came to Dmitri because he is the only massage therapist who specializes in Anti-Cellulite treatment. By combining hot stones, vacuum massage and cupping therapy, he is able to effectively combat cellulite and I can see results immediately after the session!

Female client, 28 years old, of East-European background, had 11 treatments coming twice a week
Initially I came to Dmitri because he is the only massage therapist who specializes in Anti-Cellulite treatment. By combining hot stones, vacuum massage and cupping therapy, he is able to effectively combat cellulite and I can see results immediately after the session! Moreover, he was able to diagnose all my problem areas like a skilled diagnostician. Dmitri has been able to find all more sore spots and significantly improve my posture and a sense of wellbeing with his wonderful massage techniques. Thank you, Dmitri!

Male client, was born in North America. He has been my client since Feb 2007
I am male in my 40s and have found that Dmitri's weekly massage treatments, which I've been receiving for over one year now, have helped me cope with my arthritis condition. Without the massages my muscles become stiff (I found this out when I really stiffened up when Dmitri went on vacation). I guess it's the combination of the hot stones, deep pressure (something I found I wasn't getting elsewhere) and general relaxation aspects that leaves me feeling a lot better for days after the massage.

Female client, 27 years old, of East-European background, she had 21 Cellulite treatments, she was coming twice a week
Hi Dmitri! I am pleased that, as your client, I can write this comment to contribute to your site. And here is my feedback: the massage was just SUPER! I know most clients are mainly interested in only one question - does this Cellulite treatment really help? The answer is: YES, it does! Dmitri worked his magic; he took away that agley orange skin looking layer from my thighs. Before I booked my first Cellulite treatment with Dmitri, I had no idea how great my body could look. Of course, depending on the stage of Cellulite, the battle can last long. It can be really hard and, sometimes, pretty painful. But it was all worth of doing and I now feel myself as a winner! Thank you very much!

Female client, 35 years old, of Middle East background, she had 18 Cellulite treatments, she was coming twice a week
I am really impressed by the results, I did not think it was going to be so noticeable as it is. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with cellulite problems. Thanks Dimitri!

Female client, 58 years old, Caucasian
I started my Cellulite Treatment in Feb 09 – one treatment weekly for six weeks. I have had a combination of the European Anti Cellulite Treatment and the regular Swedish massage, about 50/50 each session since my first time. Presently I go every two weeks; the results are amazing! I noticed the difference within two treatments. My skin got smother without the dimples. I have lost a few inches as well. In the summer a colleague of mine asked me if I had lost weight. It definitely works!

Female client, 40+ years old, Caucasian
During my first pregnancy I was very fit. I have started that pregnancy being fit and have maintained my fitness level by exercising quite a lot. Everybody was telling me what a fit pregnant women I was - even the hospital staff was complimenting me for that. However, for my second pregnancy things have changed. Having a 1.5 year old daughter at home, my schedules and priorities were somewhat changed. I wasn't that fit any more and was worried how is my body going to carry out the second pregnancy. This is when just by chance I was introduced to you and you have offered your professional pre-natal massage therapy services. I was sceptical at first and didn't think this will help me a huge deal. But since I felt good after the sessions, I continued with them. Today I am so glad I did, because you have managed to keep my muscles in great shape, which is equal to physical exercises. This all resulted in less weight gain than in my first pregnancy and no swelling issues at all. On top of it, your services extend even further: your advice on how to relax and live stress free was invaluable and helped me to go through my pregnancy worry free. I appreciate it greatly. I was always looking forward to my next appointment and felt very good and relaxed after every session. The result of all that was an easy delivery of a very healthy baby boy. I want to thank you again for all your help and hope that you can help many other pregnant woman to go through the pregnancy feeling relaxed and healthy. They can rest assured that they are in good hands.

Female client, 44 years old
I am a regular client for five years. I saw Dmitri yesterday because my back was in so much pain I hadn't slept the night before and my neck and shoulders were on fire. Today I am good as new and my swollen knee (a ''bursa'') also seems to be healed. Dmitiri is a fantastic alternative to conventional anti-inflammatory drugs which don't get at the root of the problem. He has a gift for what he does and I can't recommend him highly enough-professional, intelligent, sensitive and truly committed to a spectacular client experience.